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  • jacket (shorten sleeves)
  • jacket (sides in)
  • jacket (center seam)
  • jacket (taper sleeves)
  • jacket (shorten length)
  • jacket (deep arm hole)
  • jacket (shorten sleeves from shoulder)
  • jacket (change buttons)
  • jacket (sides thru blades)
  • jacket (lengthen sleeves)
  • jacket (recut)
  • jacket (rise back)
  • pant (hem)
  • pant ( waist in )
  • pant ( waist out )
  • pant ( taper pants)
  • pant ( hips in )
  • pants (cuff)
  • pants (flatten hips)
  • shirt (taper arm)
  • shirt (shorten sleeves)
  • shirt (sides in)
  • Vest (Side In)

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jacket (shorten sleeves), jacket (sides in), jacket (center seam), jacket (taper sleeves), jacket (shorten length), jacket (deep arm hole), jacket (shorten sleeves from shoulder), jacket (change buttons), jacket (sides thru blades), jacket (lengthen sleeves), jacket (recut), jacket (shorten sleeves), jacket (rise back), pant (hem), pant ( waist in ), pant ( waist out ), pant ( taper pants), pant ( hips in ), pants (cuff), pants (flatten hips), shirt (taper arm), shirt (shorten sleeves), shirt (sides in), Vest (Side In)


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